Blue Flame

Hooper are a creative technology agency who help clients turn their extraordinary ideas in to real world experiences.

We make the extraordinary a reality.

Whether it be a product, place or event, we create ways for audiences to connect with it. Interactive technologies allow us to create immersive experiences that people want to engage with. Paired with cutting edge CGI content we’re able to bring to life products not yet realised in production, connect with events happening on the other side of the world and engage with the character behind a brand.

Given the rate at which technology and communication platforms are evolving, it’s our responsibility to keep our clients up to date with leading solutions. This being said, whilst we love nothing more than trialling the latest and greatest in tech, we want to provide our clients with the most effective solution for their business challenges.

Finally, and most importantly, we consider technology a facilitator. Key to the success of anything we do is the story we’re telling. As such, our first task with any project is to identify exactly what our clients’ audience is looking for.