Guinness - St. Patricks Day

Tribal DDB

M & C Saatchi created the Adidas Lab and wanted an interactive running track to showcase the all new Adidas football boots.


We worked with Kin to develop real time data capture of the visitors running the track. The player tabbed in with an RFID wristband to give them a personalised shareable journey. We then captured the speed and agility of the players through using lasers and light beams that then gave them a score that placed them within a leaderboard and focused them on their appropriate boot. . We hacked 3 Xbox 360s to make the screen react to the players and track their speed.


The result was a truly immersive experience that hundreds of visitors played duriong the week that it was open.

Guinness Drinkers Reading Newspapers
Guinness Drinker Eating at the Bar
Paint the Town Black with Guinness
Editing Guinness Images
Inviting Friends
Personalized Movie Trailer