Timberland TV Commercial

Leagas Delaney

Create a rotational effect for the end shot in a Timberland TVC campaign.


4 Second HD shot of trainer.


We were given the physical shoe after the production company had tried to get the rotational effect with no satisfactory result. We didn't have enough time to have the trainer scanned in and also we new we would have to totally re-topologise the geometry anyway and so we made our own scanner using a laser measuring tool from the hardware store with some software from the internet. The result was as we expected, not highly detailed but enough for us to use as we re-built the geometry in the knowledge that all the proportions were correct.

TV Commercial

The shoe was rendered once with minimal compositing and delivered to the client on time.

Timberland Concept Shoe
Timberland Logo
Timberland Concept Shoe Sole
Timberland Concept Shoe Heel