Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Emaar Properties

To create a 3 minute film to showcase Burj Boulevard development. The film should capture the essence of living and working there. It should reveal all its different characters. The film should be a mixture of aerial CG and Lifestyle footage


3 Minute Film - 1920 x 1080 HD


All master-plans and site photographic reference was provided by the client prior to commencement of any 3D modelling. The individual building designs were produced by a number of architects based in locations around the world, so an initial assessment as to the availability of information was necessary to give a clear picture of what we could use to make the animatic.
All green screen was filmed in the UK in a large facility in Elstree Studios which allowed us to create a realistic representation of daylight over crowds of people. We had a cast of 35-40 models to allow us to fill various shots with people.

Burj Khalifa Office Block at Night
Burj Khalifa at Night
Burj Khalifa Party
Burj Khalifa Street at night
Burj Khalifa Street
Burj Khalifa Office Building
Burj Khalifa Aerial View
Burj Khalifa Couple