Ford Vertrek


We were approached by the team at Imagination who had already shot the car footage in a studio. Our challenge was to rotoscope the car out, repair unwanted reflections from lighting and camera equipment and totally replace the environment.


1 Minute Film


Kate Dawkins was the Design Director at Imagination and we worked very closely with her to compose the suspended concrete block positions in the background. This project was about detail in terms of compositing the shots, as we had objects obscured by glass which was shot in a cluttered studio and no tracking markers other than what was in the plate.

Ford Vertrek

The project was edited and graded using our Black Magic Da Vinci suite into the early hours of the morning but I think the result was a very clean, beautiful piece of work.

Always a pleasure working with Kate!

Ford Vertrek Open Door
Ford Vertrek Complete
Ford Vertrek Rear Window
Ford Vertrek Headlight
Ford Vertrek Console
Ford Vertrek Taillight
Ford Vertrek Front
Ford Vertrek Blue