Goodyear Tyres

Leagas Delaney

For its tyre campaign, Goodyear wanted to leverage and re-create the moment in which the Blue Flame gas powered car took land speed record in 1970, despite the poor quality of existing footage.


A 30 second TVC for the Goodyear tyre campaign featuring impressively realistic footage of the Blue Flame car taking land speed records. In fact, so much so that the car’s designer, Dick Keller, asked for the rights to use some of our shots to illustrate a book he was writing on the subject.


We couldn't use the Associated Press footage as it was in poor condition and not sufficiently rich to make an edit from. Instead, we began gathering data on the car and re-presented our idea of rendering all the moving car shots. We found some dimensions and photographic detail from the Smithsonian institute website and began modeling the vehicle. Coincidently we had a contact out in the Nevada salt flats carrying out a geological survey so we asked if he would take a series of high resolution shots of the environment for us to create a CG background dome. Once we had created a 360 degree CG world for the car to live in, we shot the car from all angles giving the producers at Leagas Delaney as all pre-vis shots required for edit.

Goodyear Tyres
Film, CG and VFX
Blue Flame Start
Blue Flame Wiremap
Blue Flame Untextured
Blue Flame Textured
Blue Flame Racing
Blue Flame F1
Blue Flame Closeup
Dick Keller 2