Immersion Rooms

Multiple Clients

The RE industry has recognised the challenge of selling the value of premium products through functional and often complex masterplans, supported by printed and physical collateral. The digital age has presented new opportunities to sell through fully immersive experiences to more effectively convert interest into sales. In fact, studies show that people respond better to video and engaging visual content, information is more easily retained and sales convert at a higher rate. Rich and bespoke content is modular and can be instantly targeted and updated to address the needs of specific stakeholder groups (think: developers, sales & marketing, investors, buyers, end-users).


We use smell, sight, sound, taste and touch across space. We use curated content and state of the art technology to bring to life the customer journey as an integrated compelling experience. Each immersion suite is unique through its bespoke content and software, making use of the following components: Film, CGI, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Touch tables, Interactive Screens, Projection Mapping, Sound Design, Interactive Lighting, Scent Creation, Green Screen and VFX, Web design, CRM analysis and integration, bespoke software, copy- and script writing, prototyping, etc.


We go beyond the physical space; the experience starts from the moment a customer hears about your product, through to visiting the ‘sales center’ (a typical format of an immersion suite) to ‘post sales’ engagement initiatives. We conduct a full audit to define the user and technical parameters for the project. We closely partner with sales teams to use their sales process to integrate the experience into their systems, pushing data to existing CRM tools to maximise ROI.

Hooper is uniquely positioned to convert vision into reality and effectively manage and orchestrate a diverse team of specialists to include film makers, innovators, brand strategists, digital artist, interior designers, architects, software developers, AV Integrators, CG Artists, Building Contractors, Customer Experience Designers and Project Managers.

Immersion Rooms
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