Range Rover Defender Concept


The films were created for the launch of the new Land Rover Defender Concept 100 and Defender Concept 100 Sport. We are proud to have partnered with Imagination once again in bringing these cars to the world stage. A second 'concept film' was also delivered with The Brooklyn Brothers PR Agency.


90 Second edit HD 25fps


The launch of the car was eagerly awaited by the world automotive press and so the car was under wraps and only photographable in a studio environment. We needed to show the car in context with the environments that have made it famous and also it's desirability as a recreation vehicle. We achieved this by shooting plates with replacement cars or no cars and tracking to CG car in post. We had 5 weeks to deliver the film and working with Imagination made it a thorough and well organised production and we delivered the project on time.

Range Rover Defender Concept
Film, CG and VFX
Range Rover Defender Concept
Range Rover Defender Concept Driving in Snow
Man in Snow
Man in Rain
Range Rover Defender Concept Rear View
Range Rover Defender Concept Roof