Range Rover Evoque


Show a number of configurations for the launch of the Range Rover Evoque. Create a believable environment to show the car in.


1 minute HD Film


Imagination wanted to create a film to showcase the customisation attributes of the all new Evoque at the New York Mororshow.
With only 3 cars available in the UK we decided to only shoot the interiors and create the rest in CG.
We filmed the interiors with an actor and created all the exterior shots of the car and Brooklyn Bridge bridge in CG. We then created interior sequences out of stills to show the other interiors that we couldn't film.


The car changes some 25 times between 3 and 5 door variants over the duration of the film.

Range Rover Evoque on Bridge
Range Rover Evoque Headlight
Range Rover Evoque Side View
Range Rover Evoque Front View
Range Rover Evoque Wheel