Yas Acres

Miral Asset Management

Yas Acres is a residential, commercial and entertainment development on Yas Island near the heart of Abu Dhabi. When completed it will be home to some 15,000 residents, with access to world class hotels, restaurants and theme parks, including Ferrari World. Miral Asset Management approached Brash Brands to develop the sites image and brand. Hooper were asked to produce a life style and product film, to help potential residents understand the developments character and personality.

We wanted to show that Yas Acres is more than a development. It is a home for young families to grow and have fun, in a relaxed atmosphere. We arranged a multi day shoot with a range of actors, actresses and children. Many of the live action shots have been supplemented with CG extensions to help connect the audience to the development.

Yas Acres
Film, CG and VFX