We are a team of talented and highly motivated people sharing one passion: the love for crafting compelling films and digital content.

Daniel Kohn
Head of Film & Innovation
Daniel Kohn

Dan brings 15 years of experience in premium VFX, film and technology to our team. Starting off with a 1st class Honors Degree in Artificial Intelligence, Dan developed an impressive career as a VFX artist and took on various leadership roles in reputable creative businesses.

His VFX production and consultancy capabilities have been used on many high profile films and projects.

Dan is both visionary and pragmatic, consistently setting new standards for excellence in VFX. By leveraging his passion, insight and experience we get the opportunity to convert brands into compelling stories and experiences.

Nick Bateman
Head of CG
Nick Bateman

Nick brings over a decade of experience in CGI, films and VR.
He is passionate about helping clients visualise their vision and products.

Whether it is a 'Life Style' film for a property development, simulating the latest car driving around a race track for a TV add or creating an immersing user experience in VR, Nick takes on any opportunity to apply state of the art technology and demonstrate what ‘best of class’ looks like.

Nick is genuinely curious about learning the latest CG and VR techniques and cutting edge gaming software which enables us to continuously innovate and improve our product.

Tanya Pereira
Head of Projects

With a creative background that showcases a thorough understanding of customer communications and brand experiences, Tanya has a vast array of skills and competencies that make her an invaluable member of the team.

Growing up in Dubai, Tanya has been privy to the stratospheric rise of the Emirate – appreciating the demands of a fast moving economy, defined by a highly entrepreneurial business culture. She also draws from a rich experience in Marketing, PR and Social Media, working with a plethora of clients across the globe. This enables her to understand communications holistically in different cultures and markets.

Tanya is known for her rigor and excellent organisational skills. She plays a pivotal role in managing and delivering projects, on time and within budgets.