Hooper - Our People

We are a team of talented and highly motivated people sharing one passion: the love for crafting compelling films and digital content.

Craig McDonald and Dan Kohn collectively drive the business and bring nearly 40 years of industry experience. They have hand picked great talent to help create and deliver excellence across the board, both in brand films and interactive digital content.

From the 2012 Olympic ceremonies through to developing our own media collaboration platform Sequoya, Hooper converts passion and expertise to innovate at all levels, consistently setting new standards for excellence.

Craig McDonald
Founder & Managing Director
Craig McDonald

Craig is an award winning Designer with 20 years experience working on some of the most prestigious projects in the UK and Middle East. Before founding Hooper he worked for branding agencies in Hong Kong, Dubai and London.

With his background in architecture, he built up long term strategic relationships with companies such as Emaar, WATG, Imagination, Landor & Brash.

He has extensive knowledge and experience of working within the corporate space where there is often a complex pipeline of messaging coming from advertising, through marketing and PR.

Daniel Kohn
Film & Innovation Director
Daniel Kohn

Dan has over 15 years experience in VFX, technology and film is helping to define the path we take, as a business of creativity married with technology.

His diverse CV includes a 1st class honours degree in Artificial Intelligence, a career as a VFX artist and Directorships in several successful creative businesses. This experience gives him a unique understanding of how and when to use technology and film to create maximum impact.

Dan's passion is to find better ways of telling stories and conveying emotion. He understands that technology should be used to serve content and enhance customer experiences and never simply for the 'sake of it'. This broad width and depth of experience in technical and creative gives him a unique 360 view of clients projects.

Nick Bateman
Head of CG
Nick Bateman

Vast amount of expertise and knowledge in Architectural Films and Automotive. First in and last to leave almost every day, Nick’s passion and commitment to the cause make him one of Hooper’s most talented individuals.
Key skills include R&D, scene setups, modelling, texturing, tracking, lighting, and rendering. Whilst doing this, he’s constantly helping the team with whatever problems they have and fixing them - on every occasion.
High level of experience working with vehicle dynamics and managing CGI artist’s work to maintain quality.
High quality threshold and unswerving passion for CG.

Sergio Cecarini
iOS Lead Engineer
Sergio Cecarini

Coming from a Computer Science / Computer Graphics background, Sergio has been working on many engaging projects in the last few years , trying to connect these two disciplines as much as possible and focusing on interactive experiences.

Aside from the bespoke installation work, Sergio has developed a number of apps which have either been successful on the AppStore or have been a great asset in-house, such as the Sequoya Workflow App and more recently our Project Management App.

George Trevill
Developer, Android Engineer
George Trevill

Experience in film post production, CG production, experiential work and software development.
Manages studio tech, software pipelines and software development projects.
Specialising in R&D and server software, capable of web, mobile app and GUI development as well.
Built Hooper’s web version of Sequoya Workflow Management System and oversee’s any new development coming into the studio.